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What to Prepare at Home for Surgery Recovery

What to Prepare at Home for Surgery Recovery

Being able to recover properly from spinal surgery can be made easier if you take certain steps to prepare for your recuperation time before surgery. By following our tips below, you can make sure you have the best chance for a speedy and comfortable recovery.

Pillows for Support

After your surgery, you may experience pain when there is pressure on your back, whether you are lying down or sitting up. Having enough pillows, particularly a body pillow, may help to alleviate any stress that can be placed on your back.

Pain Medications and Other Remedies

Safely managing pain after your surgery may require various prescription or non-prescription medication. You will want to set up an arrangement with someone in advance who can fill your prescriptions when you return home. To keep track of the medications, you may have to take, consider using a pill organizer.

Prepared Foods

Eating the right foods after your surgery can aid in your recovery. However, you may not be able to maneuver well enough to fix your food. Make sure to prep healthy meals and snacks before your surgery or arrange for prepared meals to be delivered to you. Focus on having high-fiber foods and plenty of water, which can help alleviate any constipation that can result from medication, stress or inactivity during your recovery period. Inquire about what types of vitamins or supplements you should have on hand before and after your procedure for better healing.

To keep track of the medications you may have to take, consider using a pill organizer.

Comfortable Clothing

When taking into account your clothes, keep in mind that it may be difficult for you to move around and that you will have incision sites that will require care. Have readily available clothes that are loose, allow easy access to incision sites that may undergo post-surgical swelling and can accommodate any swelling that occurs in any other part of your body, such as your face or abdomen, due to certain anesthesia and medication.

Entertainment Items

During your recovery period, you will want to make sure to have your favorite form of entertainment on hand to keep your mind occupied while you recuperate. Before you go into your surgery, start setting aside all of the books and magazines that you have wanted to read but have been unable to make time for. Be sure that you have access to devices with wireless internet nearby so that you will be able to easily keep up with family, friends, email and news. You can also access your favorite music and movies online.

If you are experiencing any back or neck complications, call us. Capital City Neurosurgery helps patients at every step, and we will be happy to explain how minimally invasive surgery may be able to provide you with relief.

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