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Five Back Pain Prevention Tips

Five Back Pain Prevention Tips

Back pain can be a crippling and painful experience for those who suffer from it. Back pain can come from many sources, including self-inflicted injuries, hernias, degenerative disc disease and other causes. Although these preventative measures are not a guarantee that you will never suffer back pain, they may help alleviate some of the causes.


Low-impact aerobics and weightlifting exercises can help strengthen the lower back muscles. Walking and swimming are good choices for aerobic workouts, because with proper form, they won't put any strain on the back muscles. Weightlifting, including squats and sit-ups, can strengthen the abdominal and back muscles, making them able to hold your weight better. Also, flexibility exercises can help with joint paint and help align your pelvic bones. Ask a medical professional which exercises would be suitable for you.


Maintaining a healthy weight through diet and the above mentioned exercises is a good preventative measure as well. Being too heavy can cause your back muscles to strain. Find out from your doctor what a healthy weight is for your body type and ask for suggestions on how to achieve it through a healthy diet.

Sleep Posture


Whether sitting or standing, posture is an important thing. When standing, try to stand in a neutral position, keeping as much weight off your lower back as possible. If you are standing for long periods of time, make sure you are shifting your position enough to lessen the strain. When sitting, make sure you are in a chair with good lower back support and good arm rests. You can also use a pillow placed at your lower back for better support. Make sure you stand up on occasion and stretch your muscles.


Make sure you are sleeping on a mattress with good back support. Try to sleep with your back in a neutral position, not too arched and not too flat. This will keep pressure off of your spine. If you are sleeping on your side, you can put  a pillow between your knees. Also, keep your top leg from falling over your other leg. You can put a small towel under your waist to relieve more pressure. If you are sleeping on your back, place a pillow under your knees to allow them to be lifted up slightly. You also can put a small towel under the curve of your back, just as if you were on your side.


Smokers are more likely to suffer back pain because nicotine restricts the flow of blood into your discs. This will increase the rate of degenerative problems in your back. Obviously, smoking has a lot of other negative consequences besides back pain, so quitting or never starting are both good ideas.

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No matter what you do to try to prevent back pain, always check with a qualified medical professional first. Together, you will be able to come up with a good plan to help maintain a healthy back.

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